A list of Lovecraftian stories by Stephen King

Are you a Stephen King fan and a Lovecraft fan?  If so, here’s a list I compiled that I think you’ll enjoy:


I Am the Doorway, in Night Shift

Jerusalem’s Lot, in Night Shift

The Mist, in Skeleton Crew

Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut, in Skeleton Crew

Crouch End, in Nightmares and Dreamscapes

N., in Just After Sunset

From a Buick 8 (novel)

In the Tall Grass (novella, with Joe Hill)

I enjoyed all of these, but my favorites are N., Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut, and From a Buick 8.

There are other Stephen King stories that “name-drop” Lovecraftian names, but that doesn’t make a story Lovecraftian.

14 responses to “A list of Lovecraftian stories by Stephen King

  1. Haven’t read ‘N’.

    ‘Mrs Todd’s Shortcut’ is nuanced and deep. You can read it multiple times and sense implications anew.

    ‘From A Buick 8’ may disappoint some with it’s ending, but the ending is one of King’s self-described favorite themes in a story. I was, at first, a little disappointed, but the story just plain never leaves you. You will be thinking about this novel not only long after you have read it, but it will pop up in your thoughts years later.


    • I loved From a Buick 8 and Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut — for all the reasons given. I found the ending of 8 satisfying if only because it was frustratingly real. And you’re right, it does stay with you.


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