This weekend’s video chats: Another Lovecraftian movie night! Plus, win a Cthulhu Coin!

Watch our CALL OF CTHULHU game tonight for your chance to win this coin!

Watch our CALL OF CTHULHU game tonight for your chance to win this coin!

I have another exciting weekend of LIVE video chats for you:

Tonight, I’ll be giving away another Cthulhu Coin to a lucky LIVE viewer; tomorrow night we will be watching two more Lovecraftian films; and Sunday, we’ll be talking with Huan Vu, the director of the upcoming film The Dreamlands.

Here’s the schedule — watch all video chats at this link, at the times listed below.

Friday (tonight), 9:00pm Eastern Time (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific): Watch us play Call of Cthulhu!  Even if you have never played this game, you’ll have a blast watching us play.  Lots of horror and lots of laughs are guaranteed!  And a lucky viewer will win the Cthulhu Coin (courtesy of The Littlest Lovecraft).  Watch here, LIVE.

Saturday, Midnight Eastern Time (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific): We’re going to watch the new Lovecraftian films Miskatonic University and The Void.  After we watch the movies, stick around for the discussion!  The films are courtesy of the upcoming H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon, and the directors.  I believe both film directors will join us.  See the end of this post for details and film trailers.  Watch here, LIVE.  (Update: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I won’t be able to show Miskatonic University.  I’ll show it soon.  However, I will be showing AM 1200 tonight — it’s one of the best Lovecraftian films ever made!)

Sunday, 6:00pm Eastern Time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific): Huan Vu, the mad genius behind Die Farbe and the upcoming film The Dreamlands, will be on the show.  Watch LIVE and be sure to email me any questions that you might have for Huan.  Email questions to: .  Film details and trailer at the end of this post.  Watch here, LIVE.

When you watch the video chats LIVE, you can interact with us on the Lovecraft eZine Public Message Board.  This goes for the Call of Cthulhu game, as well — send us suggestions and play along with us!

Watch all video chats on this webpage, at the above listed times.  Simply go to this page and click the play button in the Youtube video you’ll see at that time, and you’ll be watching us LIVE.

About the films:

Saturday night at midnight ET we will watch The Void:

The VoidThe Void is about an adventurous young girl named Frankie and her precarious best friend, Emma. Both girls have an obsession with a courageous female superhero, Danger Dee, and her faithful sidekick Chubs. Our movie starts when Frankie gets news that whomever solves their own “dangerous” mystery will potentially win a chance to guest star on the Danger Dee show. It just so happens that in Frankie and Emma’s sleepy town, children go missing on a regular basis and are never heard from again. Local folklore tells of a monster that lives in a forest that lies on the outskirts of town. Frankie decides to team up with Emma to further investigate. Frankie believes their best chance of winning the contest lies deep within the forest…

AM 1200: Haunted by recent events and on the run, a man finds himself the unwitting pawn of a possessed evangelical radio station and like his unfortunate predecessor must ask himself whether it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Sunday discussion of The Dreamlands with director Huan Vu (6pm ET):

Call of Cthulhu gaming.  Lovecraftian films.  Lovecraftian chat.  Watch it all LIVE this weekend, here.

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