5 of Laird Barron’s favorite Lovecraftian short stories

Michael Shea

Michael Shea

Welcome to our weekly list of Lovecraftian short story favorites.  Note this is not a “Top Five” list, just a list of five favorites by Lovecraftian authors, editors, reviewers, etc.

This week, author Laird Barron gives us his list:

Next week: Rick Lai‘s list!

Speaking of Michael Shea: Most of you probably know that he died recently.  This Sunday’s Lovecraft eZine video chat (watch here at 6:00pm Eastern time) will be devoted to him.

2 responses to “5 of Laird Barron’s favorite Lovecraftian short stories

  1. Fantastic, Mike! I am really happy you guys will honor Shea with a special show. Thanks so much.

    And I am really enjoying these lists. Very interesting to get writer’s perspectives on all the Lovecraftian stories that are floating around out there.


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