Episode 10 of “The Lovecraft Geek” (Robert M. Price podcast) is online!

A new Lovecraft Geek by Robert M. Price is online!

Click here to download episode 10. Or, press the play button to listen:

[audio https://lovecraftzine.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/episode-10-the-lovecraft-geek.mp3]

If you haven’t yet listened to episodes 1 through 9, you’ll find them on this page.  And if you have a question for Dr. Price that you’d like him to answer in a future episode, there is an email form there as well.

For the very few people out there who don’t know who Robert M. Price is, go here for a short introduction on the man and how much Lovecraftians owe him.

The Lovecraft Geek

3 responses to “Episode 10 of “The Lovecraft Geek” (Robert M. Price podcast) is online!

  1. Concerning the biographies, de Camp vs. Joshi: I read them both as they came out. And while I acknowledge the many excellences of the latter, it was the former that made the greater impression on me. My teenage readings of Lovecraft–tales, letters and Yog knows what else–had embued me with a lot of unhelpful attitudes about art and commerce. It was de Camp who forced me to consider that living La Vida Lovecraft–starving in a garret to write beautiful prose that no one would ever read–might be seriously flawed as a career choice. Best “Geek” ever, by the way.


  2. You know, amid the great art, the great authors, the great films, I love that Lovecraft scholarship and studies also find a home at the Lovecraft eZine. Thanks Dr. Robert M. Price!


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