Free to watch: “Beyond the Basement Door”, a Lovecraftian short film

Beyond the Basement Door was featured at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in 2013.  From the description:

“An HP Lovecraft-inspired short film from Jason Huls & Ten Wing Media, featuring Steve Christopher, Daniel Roebuck (LOST), Richard Pryor Jr & Brenna Lee Roth!

Alistair, a genetic researcher, saves his own life from cancer by making a pact with some dark and dangerous people. The secret lies with whatever is making the odd sounds in Alistair’s basement. The deal he made forbids him to go down there for three days…no matter what he sees or hears. His sanity, his life, depends on it…”

Watch Beyond the Basement Door below!

4 responses to “Free to watch: “Beyond the Basement Door”, a Lovecraftian short film

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  2. This film had some good creepy effects. What appeared to be a Lovecraftian type creature and an ending that made me think of the tv show Supernatural. This looks like a job for the Winchester boys!


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