Awesome movie adaptation of “The Colour Out of Space” free to watch until Sunday

I’ve often said that Die Farbe (aka The Colour Out of Space) is one of the best Lovecraft film adaptations I’ve ever seen.  Great news: It’s free to watch now through Sunday!

Director Huan Vu did a wonderful job with Die Farbe.  You know what that says to me?  It says that Lovecraft fans can trust that any Lovecraftian movie he creates in the future will be just as great.

In fact, Huan is currently raising money for another film based on The Dreamlands.  I don’t link to every Lovecraftian Kickstarter project that comes along… just the best ones.  And I feel that this one is worthy of your support.  I’d love to see a Dreamlands movie.

Check out the Indiegogo fundraiser, and pledge something if you can.  And be sure to watch Die Farbe (The Colour Out of Space) below!

7 responses to “Awesome movie adaptation of “The Colour Out of Space” free to watch until Sunday

  1. Using WW II as a backdrop for one of Lovecraft’s weirdest tales turned out to be a nice touch. I enjoyed the fact that the film did not try to define the entity to narrowly, as they interpreted HPL’s cosmic beastie in bringing it to the screen.


  2. This is the best H.P. Lovecraft film that I’ve seen. It had an atmosphere of dread and impending doom for the poor family living on the farm. And being filmed in black and white added greatly to the mood of the story. But, having said that, I do have two problems with the film.
    First, the colour was too pretty-hot pink? The film was dark, mysterious and creepy. For me, the bright pink colour detracts from the atmosphere of the story. Like a pink strobing disco-ball light would at a funeral. I think the colour should have been just bright light with a slight tint of green to it. Green can be a very eerie colour and I think this would have fit the setting and atmosphere of the story better than pink. Or maybe just bright white light and let the viewer imagine an unearthly colour from space.
    Second, I didn’t like the sub-text. For me, a film should be heard and seen-not read. A film is a visual and sound experience. Reading sub-text takes away from that. If I want to read, I get a book or magazine. That’s why I don’t watch many foreign films. An English speaking version-please. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with dubbing-if its done well.
    Rock on, Lovecraftians!


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