My illness has kicked into high gear…

I cringe when I have to bring up my chronic illness, because I (a) don’t want to use it as an excuse, and (b) don’t want to complain.  But I’m in a bad flareup.  I’ve tried to get better by working less the past few days… in other words, do some work, rest, do some work, rest again, and so on.

But it’s not working.  I need to take a few days off and just stay in bed.  I know from experience that rest is the only thing that will fix this, and I also know from experience that if I don’t do that, it will just get worse.  I’ve got a lot coming up in June — if the Kickstarter is successful we’ll be filming, and I have to be in good health for that.

So there will not be any blog posts for the rest of this week, and there will not be a Call of Cthulhu game tonight or Friday night.  I won’t be checking email, either.  Leah will do that for me; she’s been a huge help.

But on Saturday night at midnight Eastern, we’ll resume the regular video shows.  So we will have the regular video show on Saturday and Sunday.  If I rest up between now and Saturday night, I’ll be in a lot better shape.

Thanks for your understanding.


62 responses to “My illness has kicked into high gear…

  1. My “first contact” with HPL was the movie “Re-Animator”. I suspect that is probably true for many folks. I searched out his books and other movies and I was hooked. I am going to join the HPL Historical Society next month as a life member.


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