How do you read “Lovecraft eZine”? Should I continue the Nook and audio editions?

Please answer the one question in this poll — it will only take you about 10 seconds.

As you probably know, the Kindle, web, and print editions of issue #31 are available.  Because of my move to a new city, I’m a bit behind on the Nook and audio editions.

I’m pretty proud of the audio editions of past issues; I think they sound awesome, and I’m fortunate to have some great readers.  That said, I’ve noticed that very few people are listening to the issues on audio, and very few people, if any, are buying Nook editions.

So I would very much appreciate it if you would answer the following poll.  It will help me to determine if I should keep creating audio and Nook editions of The Lovecraft eZine.

In addition to the poll, you can also comment below, if you wish.

Thank you!

10 responses to “How do you read “Lovecraft eZine”? Should I continue the Nook and audio editions?

  1. I only own a kindle so other than the website which I find inconvenient as I don’t like to be in front of my pc for long the kindle is my primary way of reading


  2. I read Kindle (2011-2012 packs) and website. I tried audio but was difficult for me to follow lovecraftian spoken english and I hate to lose a single word or meaning so… (I’m Spanish).

    BTW, Kindle Paperwhite and Nexus10 tablet are the best buys of my life. They’ve changed my day by day spare time.
    With the tablet I read and even try programming stuff for being better at work, and read looots of comics I was longing to read.
    With Kindle I read soooo much more short stories and novels, and I’ve improved my english vocabulary and even pronunciation a lot thanks to kindle dictionary “on touch” with phonetic transcription.


  3. Sorry, I am still detoxing from work and hit the wrong button, for the print edition. I read the online version only. I will probably buy the kindle version once I get a tablet, but I am a late adopter of technology, (I am still trying to master my cellphone) so it might be a while.


  4. I mostly read Lovecraft eZine on my iPod Touch but I do enjoy listening to the audio from time to time. You have some great and talented readers and would miss not having an audio version available for when my eyes get tired of staring into my iPod.


  5. I really like the print editions, though I usually have Price’s column read on the web edition before the print is available. I have a kindle but either prefer listening or reading actual printed matter. If you offered the kindle edition with Amazon’s immersive reading I would be all over that. Probably not going to happen though.


  6. As far as e-readers go, I’m a Nook user. I admit I have fallen behind on buying the Nook editions of the issues, though. I clicked “Nook” and “Website” on the poll as I intend to start buying the Nook editions again and catch up.


  7. Kindle I’d say is my “primary” way of reading (through the iOS app on my iPad). I’m behind on getting the print editions and listening to the audio editions but I plan on getting caught up sooner or later. (Hopefully sooner.)


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