Three old-time radio shows with Lovecraftian themes

Most of you probably know that I’m a big fan of audio drama, and old-time radio in particular.  Quiet, Please is a very good, very atmospheric show from the late 1940s, and it’s one of my favorites.

Earning relatively little notice during its initial run, Quiet, Please has since been praised as one of the finest efforts of the golden age of American radio drama. Professor Richard J. Hand of the University of Glamorgan, in a detailed critical analysis of the series, argued that Cooper and Chappell “created works of astonishing originality” (from Wikipedia).

There are at least three episodes of Quiet, Please that I feel have Lovecraftian themes — at least, any Lovecraft fan and weird fiction reader should love them.  You can listen to them below — I think you’ll agree!  After you listen, feel free to comment below — it’s always great to hear from others who enjoy old-time radio episodes.

Quiet, Please: “Northern Lights”:  “A sound, a humming, a crackling somewhere inside your head. And there are times when you’d swear it’s a voice talking to you — talking in some kind of strange language you can almost understand, filling your whole being with a kind of desperate, inescapable terror.”

Listen to Northern Lights by clicking the play button below, or, download it to your computer at this link.

Quiet, Please: “Nothing Behind the Door”: “There are scores of places in this universe where there’s nothing — far places, near places.”

Listen to Nothing Behind the Door by clicking the play button below, or, download it to your computer at this link.

Quiet, Please: “The Other Side of the Stars”: “I know what’s out there on the other side of the stars.”  (Completes thoughts from the episode Nothing Behind the Door.)

Listen to The Other Side of the Stars by clicking the play button below, or, download it to your computer at this link.

(And yes, I know about The Thing On the Fourble Board.  It’s a good episode, but a bit over-rated, I think.)

6 responses to “Three old-time radio shows with Lovecraftian themes

  1. These less-well-known Lovecraftian-themed shows are some of my favorites! (Along with Quiet, Please!)

    Nightfall: Ringing The Changes (Seaside town filled with the undead)

    Escape: North of Polaris (Rat army on another planet)

    Mysterious Traveler: Behind the Locked Door (devolved ancestors in a cave)

    I have quickie summaries here:
    Old Time Radio Horror


  2. All the way back in elementary school the teacher would have us kids read radio plays together. If there were a lot of parts each kid would be given one and we’d actually perform them for each other, otherwise we’d just read each line in turn around the class. I remember one of the plays we read was The Hitchhiker, which was a famous radio play in its day and was later done as a half-hour show on The Twilight Zone. Thanks for sharing these plays and this wonderful show, Quiet Please!


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