This weekend only: Get the audio edition of the latest “Lovecraft eZine” issue, FREE

The weekend free deal is over, but each podcast costs only 99 cents.  You can listen to every story in each issue, including Robert M. Price reading his monthly column beginning with issue #23!

Choose an issue to download:

Issue #31 – June 2014

Issue #30 – April 2014 (“King in Yellow” issue)

Issue #29 – February 2014

Issue #28 – December 2013 (W.H. Pugmire tribute issue)

Issue #27 – October 2013 (A Night in the Lonesome October tribute issue)

Issue #26 – August 2013

Issue #25 – July 2013

Issue #24 – May 2013

Issue #23 – April 2013

Issue #22 – February 2013

Issue #21 – January 2013

Issue #20 – December 2012

Issue #19 – November 2012

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6 responses to “This weekend only: Get the audio edition of the latest “Lovecraft eZine” issue, FREE

  1. Awesome, I was going to ask when this becomes available, I know it takes longer because the storytellers do a great job of telling the story, instead of just reading it. I bought The King in Yellow issue, 99 cents for four hours of Lovecraftian horror, that is a great deal. I have all the podcasts on a USB drive and listen to it all the time, not just for sleeping but instead of watching TV or any reason I want, it just stays on a continious loop.


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