It’s HPL’s Birthday — win a print edition of “Lovecraft eZine”!

Today is H.P. Lovecraft’s 124th Birthday!

To celebrate, I’m giving away TEN print editions of The Lovecraft eZine.  For your chance to win, simply comment below and tell us how you discovered Lovecraftian horror.

I’ll use to select the winners, and they can choose the issue that they prefer.  (See the entire list of print editions at this link.)

Good luck!  Comment below and tell us how you discovered Lovecraft, and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing.

199 responses to “It’s HPL’s Birthday — win a print edition of “Lovecraft eZine”!

  1. Games Workshop’s UK hardcover of Call of Cthulhu was my intro, followed by the very horrificly covered Grafton paperbacks of the 80’s. Many years later and many books later..


    • Missed the “How did you discover Lovecraft” part. I don’t remember how I HEARD about Lovecraft, but there was a lady that drove the Bookmobile that came near my house once a month and I asked her if she had any books by H.P. Lovecraft. She didn’t. But the next time she came she had 3 or maybe 4. It was the editions from the early 80’s with the super creepy artwork on the covers. She had At the Mountains of Madness, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath and (I think) the Shadow over Insmouth. I was hooked.


  2. I think I was 14 and I found an omnibus in a discount book store. I was too scared to sleep that night and my life was changed forever. Of course I then proceeded to collect and devour the entire output of HPL after that.


  3. I only remember finding a book that scared me so badly that I had to put it down and get my fear under control. Don’t remember much of it now and it is lost to me, but have been in love ever since. Then I found ya’ll. Now I am just in HOG HEAVEN. Ahh, this is LIFE!


  4. Inquest magazine actually. They had an article on the Call of Cthulhu rpg. I had only ever played D&D so I was intrigued by the game. I’ve always enjoyed horror and mythology so I started to delve deeper into Lovecraft.

    I picked up the 5.5 edition and that is where I found the book titles. The quotes for each monster was very helpful.


  5. I came upon H.P. Lovecraft during a Philosophy of Literature with an emphasis on Horror class at Santa Monica College. I first read “At the Mountains of Madness,” and from there I was hooked and have read “The Call of Cthulhu,” and most of his stories!


  6. Sometime during my youth I picked up a used copy of an anthology of short horror fiction called Horrors Unknown. The very first story of the anthology is a round-robin called “The Challenge From Beyond” in which Lovecraft wrote part 3 of the story. That anthology turned me onto Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury. I still have the same copy.


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