Print edition


Issue #38 – 2016


Issue #37 – 2016

Issue #36 - Autumn 2015

Issue #36 – Autumn 2015

Issue #35 – Summer 2015

Issue #34 – Spring 2015

Issue #33 – December 2014

Issue #32 – August 2014

Issue #31 – June 2014

Issue #30 – April 2014 (This is the King in Yellow issue)

Issue #29 – February 2014

Issue #28 – December 2013 (This is the W.H. Pugmire tribute issue)

Issue #27 – October 2013 (This is the “A Night in the Lonesome October” tribute issue)

Editor/publisher Mike Davis in the

Editor/publisher Mike Davis in the “Lovecraft eZine” office

Photo (and issue cover) by Andrea Bonazzi

Photo (and issue cover) by Andrea Bonazzi

13 responses to “Print edition

  1. Got my print copy and it is just beautiful! Nice job, Mike, on the production! And (of course) to all the wonderful writers for their contributions. Love the eZine but the print version is just too cool!


  2. Ordered 28 and 29, looking forward to the rest as they become available! Still looking forward to eventually being able to get signed versions! 🙂 Subscriptions would be nice, too! (Crazy me, check out said regular delivery would be around 10 March and I thought, “Wow! That’s a long way off! :(” Then realized it’s already the end of February. I guess they are right: time passes more quickly the older you get! 😀


  3. Just ordered issue 29 with an expected delivery date next week – tracking shows i’ll receive it tomorrow. I think they give an advance date just to cover any delays. I ordered and received issue 27 last week , on Tuesday and got it on Friday.


  4. I ordered a print copy of issue 29 on the 24th February from Amazon in the UK and it arrived on the 26th. Very impressed with the speed in which I got it – especially as I didn’t pay extra to have it sent any faster. Also impressed by the quality of printing. I’ll be ordering the other copies that are available in print now – and hope to see some of the older issues come available that way in the near future. Those covers especially are so good they deserve to be printed!


  5. I received my copies of Issues 28 and 29 today, and they were *well* worth the wait. I love the eZine, but there’s just something about a hard copy… especially when it’s as well done as these are! I especially enjoy the vibrancy of the wonderful covers – they look nice on the Web, but they really jump out at you in print. Kudos to Mike, the authors, and the artists – true talents all!


  6. Got every issue I could lay my hands on (27-33) and am currently enjoying going through the lot one story after another. Love it though lamenting the lack of dual column layout. Galaxy’s edge (about same size) is more easy on the eye (except the first issue’s full page pixelated ads, that was one vision of terror to rival most mythos critters, but it’s neither here not there…) for that reason. Also more backprinting for the masses please!


  7. JUst recieved issue 30 and am very impressed. The quality of the book is top notch, and the artwork is fantastic- the cover especially. In the brief time i’ve been familiar with your website, i’ve acquired a beautiful KIY statue, a novel by Joseph Pulver, and this publication. Looking forward to spend a lot more time (and money!) around here going forward.




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