A fresh take on cosmic horror: “The Sea of Ash”, by Scott Thomas

The Sea of AshThe wait is over!  The Sea of Ash by Scott Thomas is now available (published by the brand new Lovecraft eZine Press!).

“Never had the universe felt so vast, and I so small within it. I had, through circumstance, been made aware of something, but of what? Something either too horrible or too beautiful for humans to know.” — From The Sea of Ash

I do not exaggerate when I say that The Sea of Ash is one of the best books I’ve ever read.  That’s why I published it.  I love the atmosphere, the plot, and its take on cosmic horror.  I believe that any Lovecraft fan and any fan of Weird Fiction will enjoy this book immensely.

A Victorian Englishman summons a strange puppet-like being to an old Colonial Inn. A doctor returns from the Great War and discovers a mysterious naked woman at the edge of the Atlantic.

A contemporary collector of arcane books retraces the steps of these other men — adventurers who sought out the mysteries of neighboring dimensions.

In The Sea of Ash, Scott Thomas takes us along as three men from three different centuries experience the wonders and horrors of an unknown New England.

The Sea of Ash is available in print and for Kindle.  Click below to purchase:

The Sea of Ash (print)

The Sea of Ash (Kindle)

I have no doubt that you will love The Sea of Ash as much as I did.  Thank you for supporting Scott Thomas and Lovecraft eZine Press.

A big thanks to Nick Gucker who created the cover, and to Leslie Harker for graphic design.  Thanks, too, to Kenneth W. Cain for his technical expertise.

Most of all, thanks to Scott Thomas for trusting me with his wonderful story.

THE SEA OF ASH front cover

THE SEA OF ASH back cover

11 responses to “A fresh take on cosmic horror: “The Sea of Ash”, by Scott Thomas

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  3. Definitely going to be purchasing this within the next 2 weeks, Mike! Scott Thomas is one of my very favorite authors ever since I won *Fellengrey* on a Goodreads Giveaway. I must read everything by him and had this story at the top of my list. I’m stoked you have published this and love the cover art! Fantastic, Mike!


  4. I’m looking for good Halloween books, so ka-ching! Just bought the Kindle edition 5 seconds ago. And thanks for making so many of your publications available on Kindle, I buy about 90% of my books there.


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