Write for the “Lovecraft eZine” blog!

I’m looking for more contributors to the Lovecraft eZine blog.  If you enjoy writing about Lovecraftian topics, cosmic horror, weird fiction, and Lovecraftian book and movie reviews, then please feel free to write a blog post and send it to me.

If I publish it, I’ll link to your website in the post.  The Lovecraft eZine receives hundreds of thousands of views per week and has over 175,000 readers, so this will help your website traffic a lot.

I’m looking for a few good writers to become regulars.  I hope to hear from you!

Send your article to: lovecraftezine@gmail.com

2 responses to “Write for the “Lovecraft eZine” blog!

  1. From my experience: If you submit an article for Mike’s review, and use pictures from the net, make sure you get a link to the artist’s website (include it with your submission), and also suggest at what point in the article the image might appear. Lovecraftian artists are unsung heroes in the Weird Fiction movement, and Mike wants to make sure they get credit for their creations. Also, submitting suggested images with your submission saves Mike time, which is helpful to an editor who wears many hats. Just wanted to share some thoughts. Good luck everyone! And thanks for the opportunity Mike!


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