“Lovecraft eZine” stories once again make Ellen Datlow’s “Honorable Mentions” list

Issue #21 cover by Adam Baker – click to enlarge – http://on.fb.me/13N1Bzu

Issue #21 cover by Adam Baker – click to enlarge – http://on.fb.me/13N1Bzu

Every year, super-editor Ellen Datlow edits an anthology titled The Best Horror of the Year.  She also posts an “Honorable Mentions” list on her site, and in her words:

Some readers might find it useful to see the range of publications that are publishing worthwhile horror stories. Although this list is long, it’s a tiny percentage of the stories I actually read. So if you find your story and name on this list, that’s a good thing.

In other words, it has to be a damn good story.

I’m honored to tell you that three stories published by The Lovecraft eZine in 2013 have made it to this “Honorable Mentions” list.  First of all, I’d like to congratulate the authors of these fine tales.  Great job, folks — and thank you so much for sending me your stories.

Secondly, I feel that once again, this says a lot about how seriously Lovecraftian fiction is taken these days.  It’s not “fan fiction”, and it’s not “less than” other types of horror.

Here are the stories:

I’m proud that these stories appeared in The Lovecraft eZine.  Stay tuned… there are many more tales to be told.

Here are some links you might find useful:

Thanks for reading The Lovecraft eZine!

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