Terrible News: Larry Latham, creator of “Lovecraft is Missing”, has died

Larry Latham

Larry Latham

Folks, I have terrible news. Larry Latham, the creator of the free, spectacular web comic LOVECRAFT IS MISSING has passed away. I corresponded with Larry several times — he was a great guy, and he offered his art for free. He simply wanted other Lovecraft fans to enjoy it.

Here is the announcement from his wife.

You can read his web comic here.

If you would like to leave Larry’s wife a comment, please do so below and I will make sure that she sees them.

Thank you, Larry, for the joy you brought your fellow Lovecraftians.

12 responses to “Terrible News: Larry Latham, creator of “Lovecraft is Missing”, has died

  1. iTS JUST AWFUL I found out yesterday, as I have been an avid reader of LIM since 2008.

    Its seen me through illness and homelessness.

    I am concerned that LIM might never make it to Print and Larrys dream will go one unrealized.

    Maybe we can band together and create a kickstarter or Patron and help make it happen

    I shared yesterday ON Google Plus, if anyone would like to say anything; https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AdamBlack/posts/6YboQsRpvvv


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