Tonight: Watch us play the Lovecraftian video game “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter”, LIVE!

EDIT: Due to internet problems, there will not be a Saturday night game.  I’m calling AT&T Monday morning so that they can get a repair person out here.  Sorry about that!  It’s frustrating, that’s for sure.  Please join us Wednesday night to watch our new “Call of Cthulhu” game at 9:00pm ET.

Happy Saturday!  Tonight at 9:00pm Eastern time (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific) I’ll be playing the atmospheric Lovecraftian game The Vanishing of Ethan Carterand you can watch or join!

It’s very informal — we will be playing this game, while chatting and having a good time.  (I love the Lovecraft eZine community!)

If you want to join, email me ASAP at .

If you simply want to watch us play LIVE and interact with us on the message board, then go to this webpage at 9:00pm Eastern time to view.

See you soon!

One response to “Tonight: Watch us play the Lovecraftian video game “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter”, LIVE!

  1. Hello there, if you really enjoyed this game, please note that all of its locations (or anyway 90%) are real-life places which one can actually visit – they are situated in Poland, not in classic Lovecraft country nor anywhere in any mountain-and-woodland area of North America, but in Silesia (which happened to be part of Germany until 1945 – this may explain the German inscriptions on the grave slabs around the church of “Red Creek Valley” for you). Here’s a link to the Wikipedia site of the church featuring in ‘Ethan Carter’: It is around Karpacz in Silesia, formerly Krummhübel, all the locations of ‘Ethan Carter’ may be found – not too far actually from the border to Saxony (which was formerly a part of the GRD, and now belongs to reunited Germany), another area full of places worth seeing, and full of old legends which might inspire further Lovecraftian stories – especially in Lusatia, the part of Saxony pertaining to the Sorbians, e.g. the legend of Krabat and the Black Mill (adapted by a few authors already, albeit not in a Lovecraftian context)…So, if you like visiting real existing sites and sights featured in films and games, have a look at the area around Karpacz (and the other side of the border)!




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