And…we’re back! Stephen King’s “Revival” is definitely Lovecraftian, and more

Wow.  This has been the wickedest flu I’ve ever dealt with — and combined with my usual illness, it has been a hell of a bad few days.  But I’m on the mend, for the most part.

While I was in bed, I had time to read Stephen King’s new book Revival, which I posted about the other day.  No doubt about it — Revival is definitely a Lovecraftian novel, and I can say without exaggeration that it is probably the scariest book I’ve ever read.  If you’re a Lovecraft fan, you have to read it.

I’ve had some internet problems which will be fixed tomorrow.  Regardless, we are going to attempt to do the Call of Cthulhu game tonight.  Watch us play Call of Cthulhu at 9:00pm Eastern time (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific), at this link.  It’s a lot of fun, and you can interact with us on the message board while you watch.

I hope all of you are having a nice week so far!

8 responses to “And…we’re back! Stephen King’s “Revival” is definitely Lovecraftian, and more

  1. I just finished Revival last night. Overall, I’d say it’s one of King’s best recent books, and a return to the more tautly-written, propulsive style of story-telling that characterized his earlier books. The Lovecraftian theme made it even better.


  2. Mike, thanks again for the heads-up on a good read. My Kindle preorder of the book came in but I haven’t looked at it yet. So much delightful evil in the world, not enough time to revel in all of it 😦 I just finished WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE by Daryl Gregory, which I give a big thumbs up. Very Lovecraftian themes involving survivors of horror gathered together in a weekly group therapy session. What could possibly go wrong there, right? 🙂


  3. I’ve not read King in a while either and will give this one a try. I just read an interesting interview on him where he says he still fears failure in his writing. This shocked me, I mean, King is so prolific and so successful for such a long time. He names fear as a “shadow always lurking behind” the writer. As a struggling writer in this genre myself, I can soooo appreciate this. Here’s the interview link:


  4. I haven’t read anything by Stephen King written in the last decade or more–probably since the Mist maybe?–that I liked, so I may have to check this one out. I had pretty much given up on him.


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