Watch yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine Video Talk Show here!

If you missed yesterday’s show, you can watch it below.  We had a great time discussing several topics: What is Weird Fiction? How do you define it? Plus, we talked about the recent Charles Baxter article on Lovecraft, about Daniel Mills, discussed recent schisms in the Lovecraftian community, and more.

Books discussed: Years Best Weird Fiction Volume 1 and The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories.

You can watch the shows LIVE every Sunday at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific) at this link, or any time after that on my Youtube channel.

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A big thanks to my panelists: Joe Pulver, Matthew Carpenter, Pete Rawlik, Rick Lai, and William Holloway.

I’d also like to thank those viewers who have emailed me to let me know that when they can’t watch the show live, they watch it on Mondays while they work.  Thanks, folks!  I appreciate the support.

One response to “Watch yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine Video Talk Show here!

  1. Hello! Mr. Davis and crew on Nov. 30, 2014 Web Talk. This was a rather fun and fascinating review of criticism and comparison of American/English literary accepted writers, and of course that just makes the discussion great listening talk.
    You do a fine job of extending the talk of all the speakers by including other readers of Lovecraftian stories and their like/dislikes. What makes the talk a curious listening period, is that the speakers bring up authors people tend to dislike because there are newer and different authors more acceptable to the modern reader. Perhaps this is a good place for those readers who have had the dark genre authors and literature introduced in High School English to be known. Poetry, Narrative and Heroic novels, and Gothic stories speak of symbolism, descriptive scenes/settings, different style of plots are found in: Poe, H. Melville, C. Dickens…
    So if there is a discussion of contempt and interest in H. P. Lovecraft horror, supernatural, fantasy and close to some types science fiction: is this the reason some readers of Edgar A. Poe are not sure why they were attracted to his horrific and lyrical stories and poetry. Lovecraft stories are frightening but feed into this unsure need to find crazy and frightening language in this dark genre.
    The librarian and her tech. (at our local library surprise me) both converse with me on weird writers and movies. They make me wonder how two very religious people find this genre readable and worth watching in a video. The selected movies: THE AWAKENING, and CABIN IN THE WOODS, possibly this says that the supernatural and mysterious hint on the other universe, which some people find to be real. Even conservative religious people who believe in a reality of heaven/hell seek insight into what these odd realms might be like… Hiernonymus Bosch’s GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, scene and Rodin’s GATES OF HELL remind me why religious people seek strange and enticing motives for reading/viewing weird literature in books or film.
    For me Mr. Davis comment: dark literature “is relaxing literature…your in your own apartment…self imposed exclusion…” I add to contemplate thoughts one cannot share with others, since this could sometimes bring deep remorse or that mistakes in life place one into melancholy… Literature steps in and brings relief??? Sorry, my husband is waiting for me to stop this hot air and nonsensical writing. Thanks! Mrs. ATK


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