The Lovecraft eZine now has a permanent video discussion room!

That’s right: We now have a permanent video room that’s available 24/7.  Details below!

The Lovecraft eZine is a magazine, but it’s also a community.  I want to make it easy for Lovecraft fans to meet online and interact with each other.  There are several ways to do that:

The Lovecraft eZine Video Room — This is a permanent video discussion room that you can enter at any time.  Set up meeting times with other Lovecraft fans, or just pop in to see who’s online!  Click here to enter the video room.  (NOTE: This is separate from the Sunday Video Show — this room is not recorded or broadcast.)

The Lovecraft eZine Public Message Board – Our Facebook group where you can discuss all things Lovecraft.  (Please remember that the message board is not a place for you to post about your book, website, or product.)  And remember that the message board is how you can interact with us while watching the LIVE eZine web tv shows.

The Lovecraft eZine Video Talk Show – Every Sunday at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific), our panel discusses all things Lovecraft and Weird Fiction.  Watch the show LIVE on Sundays at this link, or watch the recorded version any time after that on my Youtube page.

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