I added 3 books to the “Recommended Lovecraftian Books” section

I hope all of you had a great Holiday!

I added three books to the “Recent Recommended Lovecraftian Books” section of this website.  (Check out my full list of recommended Lovecraftian books here.)  Here they are (click the link to purchase the book):

Letters to Lovecraft, edited by Jesse Bullington.  What an original idea.  I’m really enjoying this one.  Never before has an anthology taken its inspiration directly from the literary manifesto behind his entire mythos…until now.  Like cultists poring over a forbidden tome, eighteen modern masters of horror have gathered here to engage with Lovecraft’s treatise. Rather than responding with articles of their own, these authors have written new short stories inspired by intriguing quotes from the essay, offering their own whispers to the darkness. They tell of monsters and madmen, of our strange past and our weirder future, of terrors stalking the winter woods, the broiling desert, and eeriest of all, our bustling cities, our family homes.

The Broken Hours, by Jacqueline Baker.  In the spring of 1936, horror writer H.P. Lovecraft is broke, living alone in a creaky old house and deathly ill. At the edge of a nervous breakdown, he hires a personal assistant, Arthor Crandle. As the novel opens, Crandle arrives at Lovecraft’s home with no knowledge of the writer or his work but is soon drawn into his distinctly unnerving world: the malevolent presence that hovers on the landing; the ever-shining light from Lovecraft’s study, invisible from the street; and visions in the night of a white-clad girl in the walled garden. Add to this the arrival of a beautiful woman who may not be exactly what she seems, and Crandle is pulled deeper into the strange world of H.P. Lovecraft (a man known to Crandle only through letters, signed “Ech-Pi”), until Crandle begins to unravel the dark secret at its heart.

The Weird Company: The Secret History of H. P. Lovecraft’s Twentieth Century, by Pete Rawlik.  (Sequel to Reanimators.)  The story of Dr. Hartwell (“Reanimators”) continues, but now he has company. Weird company: a witch, a changeling, a mad scientist, and a poet trapped in the form of a beast. These are not heroes but monsters . . . monsters to fight monsters. Their adventures rage across the globe, from the mountains and long-forgotten caves of Antarctica to the dimly lit backstreets of Innsmouth that still hold terrifying secrets. The unholy creatures released upon the world via the ill-fated Lake expedition to Antarctica must be stopped. And only the weird company stands in their way.  Continuing in the fashion of “Reanimators”, “The Weird Company” finds Lovecraft expert Pete Rawlik taking some of the most well-known of H. P. Lovecraft’s creations and creating a true Frankenstein monster of a story—a tale more horrific than anything Lovecraft could have imagined . . .

The Broken Hours doesn’t seem to be available anywhere but Amazon Canada.  When I get more information, I’ll pass it on.

One response to “I added 3 books to the “Recommended Lovecraftian Books” section

  1. I had to order the Broken Hours from Amazon.ca – It sold for about $16 USD and $16 shipping. Amazon Prime membership is not international so no 2 day free shipping. The book is well worth the price.
    Neither Joshi nor Lupoff’s novel did a compelling job of creating Lovecraft as a character. For some reason they just did not get it. Jacqueline Baker created a compelling realistic Lovecraft. So far I read about 200 pages. It’s a great read.


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