I’m giving away 2 copies of “Dreams From the Witch House” on today’s Lovecraft eZine Talk Show!

Join us today for the usual Lovecraft eZine Sunday Talk Show.  On today’s show, we’ll be talking with the folks behind Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror, and we will give away print copies of that book to two random LIVE viewers!

Watch the show LIVE today at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific), at this link.

We’ll also be talking about all things Lovecraft, as usual.  And in addition, I’m adding a feature to the Sunday show: News!  Every Sunday, in addition to our regular conversation, I’m going to take five or ten minutes to give you the latest Lovecraftian and Weird Fiction news.  I think this is something you’ll really enjoy.

Watch at this link, and interact with us on the message board at this link.  Click here to be emailed about upcoming Video Shows (unsubscribe any time).  You can also subscribe to The Lovecraft eZine Youtube channel.

As usual, my panel includes Joe Pulver, Pete Rawlik, Rick Lai, and Matthew Carpenter.

See you at 6pm ET!

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