Free megapacks (a year’s worth of issues) to “Lovecraft eZine” readers

For the rest of this week, I’m giving away FREE Kindle or Nook megapacks (regular price: $4.99) to anyone who follows Lovecraft eZine by email.  (A “megapack” is a collection of all the issues from each year; currently, I offer megapacks from 2011, 2012, and 2013, and 2014 will be available in a few weeks.)

Just my way of saying thanks to all of you for reading The Lovecraft eZine… and for putting up with me during those times when my illness causes me to release things a little slower than I would like.

To receive your free megapack, simply follow The Lovecraft eZine via email — you can do that at the top right side of this page.  Then, send an email to and let me know which megapack you would like: 2011, 2012, 2013, or if you’d like to wait for the 2014 megapack (it will be ready in about 3 weeks).

If you already follow the site via email, then all you have to do is send the email letting me know which megapack you’d like.

Check out the megapacks here: 2011, 2012, 2013.

This giveaway will end Sunday at midnight ET.

5 responses to “Free megapacks (a year’s worth of issues) to “Lovecraft eZine” readers

  1. Damn… I was on holiday while this went out! I guess I’m too late to ask for a megapack? 😦 Mark Leney 


  2. I follow currently via email and Facebook and the site and LOVE it!

    I would like the 2013 megapack, please, and thank you!


    Jim Sells


  3. This is really generous of you, Mike. I bought one of the earlier megapacks for Kindle for $5 last year and saw it as a great deal. The ezine is awesome and so are you.


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