Episode 18 of “The Lovecraft Geek” (Robert M. Price podcast) is online!

A new Lovecraft Geek by Robert M. Price is online!

Click here to download episode 18.  Or, click the play button to listen:
[audio https://lovecraftzine.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/episode-18-the-lovecraft-geek.mp3]

If you haven’t yet listened to episodes 1 through 17, you’ll find them on this page.  And if you have a question for Dr. Price that you’d like him to answer in a future episode, there is an email form there as well.

For the very few people out there who don’t know who Robert M. Price is, go here for a short introduction on the man and how much Lovecraftians owe him.

Please support Dr. Price with a donation, if you can:

Lovecraft and Bible Geek listeners will know that the very brand of literary and biblical scholarship that attracts them to the podcasts has long made it impossible for Dr. Price to find any paying employment in professional academia. He and his family are chronically on the edge financially, without medical insurance, and scarcely able to pay monthly bills. Now their very old house is in urgent need of major repairs. Any help will be vastly appreciated. Even the heavenly- (or horribly-) minded need a roof overhead.

Donate here.

The Lovecraft Geek

3 responses to “Episode 18 of “The Lovecraft Geek” (Robert M. Price podcast) is online!

  1. This is one of the highlights of my month. Dr. Robert M. Price doesn’t debate how many of the invisible Old Ones can dance on the head of a pinhead – he knows! Having been steeped so deeply in the their Lore. We of the eZine community are blessed that, through the auspices of Mike Davis, we have this National Treasure of the Lovecraftian Nation, who calls the Lovecraft eZine one of his literary homes on the web. Thanks Mike!


  2. Cool Price was excited about the Legends of Cthulhu figures. I backed the kickstarter campaign and have the full line on my bookshelf. Very cool. Great job Warpo!


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