Today’s live show: Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine, and Sean Hoade, author of “Deadtown Abbey”

UPDATE: If you missed the live show, you can watch the recorded version below:

Join us today for the Lovecraft eZine Sunday Talk Show!  Today I have two guests: Horror photographer Joshua Hoffine, and Sean Hoade, author of the Lovecraftian novel Deadtown Abbey.

We will be giving away print copies of Deadtown Abbey to two lucky viewers, so tune in for your chance to win!

Here’s how to watch:

Watch the show LIVE today at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific), at this link, and interact with us on the message board at this link.  Click here to be emailed about upcoming Video Shows (unsubscribe any time).  You can also subscribe to The Lovecraft eZine Youtube channel.


Joshua Hoffine, Horror Photographer: Joshua currently has a very interesting project on Kickstarter: INNSMOUTH is the latest photography project from renowned Horror Photographer JOSHUA HOFFINE. The subject of INNSMOUTH is taken from H. P. LOVECRAFT’s 1931 tale The Shadow over Innsmouth. In this story a young man visits the decrepit seaside town of INNSMOUTH and is unexpectedly trapped overnight, facing a terrifying encounter with the townsfolk, a cult of mutant fish people and their deep sea gods, the DEEP ONES. JOSHUA’s INNSMOUTH photograph will be composed of an INNSMOUTH street with the story’s narrator surrounded by DEEP ONES. As a special treat, the amazing actor DOUG JONES is thrilled to play the part of the human narrator!

Sean Hoade, author of Deadtown Abbey: DOWNTON ABBEY MEETS LOVECRAFT MEETS NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in DEADTOWN ABBEY. It is a world few of us have ever known. A world of masters and servants, where everyone knows one’s place. A world of newfangled technology like telephones and motorcars. A world of vampires, werewolves, zombies, and monsters of the deep. At the center of his necropolis estate lives the Earl of Monroe, who must hold the family he loves and the servants he trusts together against the eldritch onslaught of this rapidly changing world.

We will be giving away print copies of Deadtown Abbey to two lucky viewers, so tune in for your chance to win!

See you at 6pm ET!

Below: a message from actor Doug Jones about the INNSMOUTH Kickstarter:

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