Free to watch, two Lovecraftian short films: “The Curse of Yig” and “Play Me a Note”

I found two more Lovecraftian short films on the web, both free to watch. Enjoy!

The Curse of Yig: The award short film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s story by the same title produced by Killing Joke Films. In 1925, a young academic visits the Guthrie Asylum in Oklahoma to explore the native tribal belief in the snake god, Yig. There she is confronted by a bizarre creature, the sole living survivor of the nightmarish Halloween of 1889. As she learns the tragic tale of Walker and Audrey Davis- early residents of the Oklahoma Territory- she too begins to fall under the spell of an unrelenting fear that time cannot diminish.

Play Me a Note: A Lovecraftian Thriller: A horror short by Devin Morse, set in the Derelictiverse, about a jerk boss who finds a bottle on the beach.

4 responses to “Free to watch, two Lovecraftian short films: “The Curse of Yig” and “Play Me a Note”

  1. I saw The Curse of Yig a few years ago at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro. In the field of Lovecraft adaptations it’s nearly a small masterpiece. It’s very low budget, but as the saying goes you can see every dollar. The only quibble I have is that the narration and dialog could have been carefully edited or rewritten. HPL’s polysyllabic vocabulary sounds just not quite right coming from people’s mouths. Otherwise I can’t think of another of his stories that’s been filmed so faithfully to the original. Many thanks for the chance to see it again!


  2. Curse of Yig was awful. Acting was terrible, storyline was convoluted… I WAS impressed with Play Me a Note. For what was probably a much lower budget movie, the acting was better, special effects (other than the muppet under the sheet) were very well done, and it actually made my skin crawl a couple of times. Pretty cool! Love these fan and small studio movies. Black Sugar, The Offering, and Roe were some of the best Lovecraft styled movies I’ve ever seen.


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