If you like weird fiction and cosmic horror, you’ll love Michael Cisco

Art by Tom Brown, for the story "Two Fragments" by Michael Cisco (in SECRET HOURS)

Art by Tom Brown, for the story “Two Fragments” by Michael Cisco (in SECRET HOURS)

I’ve been told many times by Lovecraft eZine readers that I’ve introduced them to authors and books that they’ve really enjoyed, and wouldn’t have known about otherwise. With that in mind, I’d like to call your attention to Michael Cisco.

I remember reading Cisco’s short story collection Secret Hours years ago and being blown away by it. It called to mind the stories of Thomas Ligotti — though I stress that these tales are not Ligotti pastiche. I feel that Secret Hours is a “must-own” for readers of Lovecraftian and weird fiction.

“Michael Cisco is of a different kind and league from almost anyone writing today, and The Narrator is Cisco at his startling best.” – China Mieville

Where to begin with his work? I recommend starting with Secret HoursThe Narrator, and The San Veneficio Canon.

SECRET HOURS: This collection consists of several Lovecraftian tales, a “King in Yellow” story with a nod to Ramsey Campbell, and other haunting and unsettling stories. A must-own for all readers of Lovecraftian and weird fiction.

THE NARRATOR: “An extraordinary story of war and the supernatural that combines the creepiness of “Alien” with the clear-eyed gaze of “Full Metal Jacket”. Like “The Other Side” if it included soldiers who could glide over the water, a mysterious tower right out of early David Lynch, and infused with Kafka’s sense of the bizarre. Destined to be a classic.” — Jeff Vandermeer

THE SAN VENEFICIO CANON: In 1999, The Divinity Student captured the attention of fans of dark fantasy everywhere, eventually winning the International Horror Guild Award for best first novel. Now, The Divinity Student has been paired with its sequel, The Golem, for a must-have book: The San Veneficio Canon.

“Michael Cisco’s works are indispensable to contemporary fantastic literature. They not only elevate this genre, they hover above it.” – Thomas Ligotti

“Cisco’s works are admired by the likes of Laird Barron, John Langan, Paul Tremblay, Jeff VanderMeer, Joe Pulver, and many other notable writers and editors. It has been said, he’s not for every reader, but I strongly urge you to take a look at these critically-acclaimed books and see if they might appeal to your taste.” – Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

“He specializes in lonely places–empty rooms and strange neighbors who you can never really `get` until the horror emerges. Recommended for those tired of the same old monster stuff.” – John Stephen Walsh

Read more about Michael Cisco at the Weird Fiction Review.

8 responses to “If you like weird fiction and cosmic horror, you’ll love Michael Cisco

  1. Great, another amazing sounding piece of weird/horror fiction on my already staggering to-read list. Oh well, I guess this just means I’ll won’t be bored (or sleeping well) for a long time to come.
    Thanks for pointing me to a new author!


  2. Thank ou so much for spreading the word this way. There are other under appreciated writers, but Michael Cisco may be the most under appreciated of all. He truly is working at a different level from all the rest of us, and a genius who certain will be remembered and discussed 100 years from now.


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