Free Listen: Five Lovecraftian old-time radio shows

In the mood for some Lovecraftian audio dramas? You’re in luck! Here are some old-time radio episodes with Lovecraftian themes. Enjoy.

The Dunwich Horror (Suspense): Listen via the player below, or download hereWhen a traveller in north central Massachusetts takes the wrong fork at the junction of Aylesbury pike just beyond Dean’s Corners he comes upon a lonely and curious country…


Northern Lights (Quiet, Please): Listen via the player below, or download hereI was standing on an immense plain that stretched so far, so far into the distance, the plain was snow and eternal ice. A dead, cold, white world with the blackest sky above me. And the northern lights reached from horizon to horizon. Even through the high altitude suit, I could feel the biting cold. And I was afraid, shivering, abjectly afraid. The streamers of the northern lights reached down toward me and wrapped about me. I heard the sound of voices screaming into my mind, I – I could understand them – I wished heartily I’d never played around with cosmic forces…


Nothing Behind the Door (Quiet, Please): Listen via the player below, or download hereThere are scores of places in this universe where there’s nothing — far places, near places…


The Thing on the Fourble Board (Quiet, Please): Listen via the player below, or download hereYou never can tell what’s down there. You get it all mapped and plotted out, all the strata, and all ya know is what comes out of the hole…


In the Name of the Father (Nightfall): Listen via the player below, or download here. Okay, from the 90s, but old enough — and you don’t want to miss this one. Good evening. Tonight, we go on vacation with a writer to a small town on the east coast… forever…


Want more Lovecraftian audios? Check out my Lovecraft audio page. Almost all are free.

5 responses to “Free Listen: Five Lovecraftian old-time radio shows

  1. Thanks for these links. I’ve heard Dunwich Horror before, and it was nicely done.
    Sorry if you’ve already talked about it before but it would be interesting to know what you think of the Lovecraft pastiches done by the HPLHS, like Dagon – War of Worlds and A Solstice Carol.


  2. I have heard all these and they are great shows. Quiet Please and Nightfall are series that are worth looking up.


  3. If you haven’t heard “The Dunwich Horror” I really recommend it. I am looking forward to hearing the others.


  4. Thanks for these. I’ve heard the Dunwich Horror before; it’s very well done. I hope the others are as good.


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