9 more Lovecraftian video games added to the Lovecraft eZine video games list!

I’ve added nine more Lovecraftian-themed video games to my video game list (see the complete list here). Of these, Reveal the Deep and Euclidean interest me the most, personally. Your mileage may vary.


Blackbay Asylum

  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: An ancient evil has taken hold of the hospital, bending reality and dreams into one. Unspeakable horrors lurks around the corners and mind-bending puzzles litters the hallways, making escape impossible for all except for the most hardened psychopath!

The Consuming Shadow

  • Price: $9.99
  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: A procedural survival horror adventure in which you must explore the land, fight your way through randomly-generated dungeons and try to stay sane in your quest to save the world from the invading Ancients.

The Dark Stone from Mebara

  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: Based on the mythology created by H.P. Lovecraft, The Dark Stone From Mebara is set in 1924 Massachusetts. Take on the roles of Arthur Pendleton owner of the Pendleton Detective Agency and his two employees – Detective Aloysius Monroe and Professor Webley. The team has come in to possession of an eerie black rock with strange properties. As they try to discover the stones cosmic origins, they find themselves battling against madness, vicious cultists, and unspeakable horrors!


  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: “Deathstate: a Cthulhian Bullet Hell Nightmare” — Hardcore Gamer


  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: Behind our comfortable, familiar dimensions, beyond the timeless depths of space, there is a Place that mankind was not meant to know. A Place hostile to all life. We do not belong there. We cannot survive there. At least, not for long… Euclidean; a game of geometric horror; a slow descent into the dark, into madness, futility, and despair, where Things greater than you watch and wait and dream. Struggle for every second of life you have left… Even knowing you’re better off dead.

Mythos: The Beginning

  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: Set in London in 1934, Mythos tasks you with creating your own paranormal investigator from scratch and guiding them through a frightening exploration of the infamous Harborough Asylum. Three young university students have vanished while attempting to conduct a scientific survey of this dreaded place, and it’s up to you to find them! Throughout the night you’ll discover that Harborough Asylum’s reputation is more than an urban legend, and you’ll have to fight for your life against otherworldly Lovecraftian foes.

Nightmare on Azathoth

  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: A dark game, in which you might not want to find the truth. Manage your base, scavenge, collect memory fragments, and collect resources to power up your spaceship to escape this planet. Death only brings an endless time loop, that restarts everything on the 4th day.

Reveal the Deep

  • Platform: Windows, iOS, Android
  • Get it here: Steam, iOS, Android
  • Description: A short exploration-based indie game, where the user traverses through the wreck of a 19th century steamship.

Wait – Extended

  • Platform: Windows
  • Get it here: Steam
  • Description: “Wait” is a mystery horror game, inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series. The gameplay is put together by elements of exploration and riddle solving. We want to offer a different kind of horror. A horror without jump scares or fighting monsters, but with the fear of the unknown and unimaginable.

(Thanks to David Bagel for the cover image.)

One response to “9 more Lovecraftian video games added to the Lovecraft eZine video games list!

  1. Grrrr! Why aren’t there more MAC compatible Lovecraftian games? Has anyone had luck using software on a MAC to play any “Windows” compatible games in our beloved genre?


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