New “At the Mountains of Madness” short film (free to watch)

“In the uncharted regions of the Antarctic, dark secrets slumber. An ancient horror lies hidden in the bowels of an alien city, and two unlucky explorers race unwittingly towards it. Their scientific minds intrigued, they have no way of knowing the horrors that await deep within the Mountains of Madness.”

Produced by a team of student animators over a period of 9 months.” I think they did a great job.

Hat tip to SF Signal.

9 responses to “New “At the Mountains of Madness” short film (free to watch)

  1. Mike, I just watched The Mountains of Madness. I haven’t seen anything this good relative to Lovecraft in such a long time. The emotions, reactions, scope of the story, size of the city and realization of the creature are so good it is hard to think this was done by students. Production quality and sound are top notch, too. This is exactly how I imagined HP’s worlds when I read the stories. Thank You and thank them.


  2. Very good; for the length, it captured the cosmic insignificance of humanity, and the dangers that await us just beyond the prosaic veil that keeps us peacefully ignorant. Thanks Mike!


  3. Well done! despite a slight cartoonish-ness to the movie they managed to maintain an excellent sense of things best left alone! Nicely done! I hope they continue.


  4. Great detailed work. Thanks for sharing and kudos to the brilliant students behind this fantastic work.


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