Free Lovecraftian fiction: Lovecraft eZine 37 is online!

issue-37-revised-2Issue #37 of The Lovecraft eZine is online! Read it for free here.

Stories by John Langan, Donald Tyson, and others.

For those of you who prefer to read on Kindle or in print: those editions will be available next week.

A big thank you to all who helped with this issue, especially to Alex Kreitner, Matthew Carpenter, Aaron J. French, Raven Daegmorgan, and Kenneth W. Cain.


Editors: Alex Kreitner and Matthew Carpenter
Featured Editor: Aaron J. French
Kindle & Nook versions: Kenneth W. Cain
Issue cover: Josh Yelle
Graphic design: Kenneth W. Cain
Website version: Raven Daegmorgan
Story Illustrations: Josh YelleNikos AlteriJohn CarlucciJohn  Solder, Matthew Johnson, Quico VicensDan MoranDerek SchulzeHeather Landry
Line Editor: Laura Dawley

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