Exciting new Kickstarter! Rise of the Elders:Cthulhu

If ever there was a Lovecraftian Kickstarter to pluck at your purse strings, Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu is perfectly poised to be such a beast. A tactical RPG inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft that can be played offline on your mobile phone or PC combining the accessibility of a video game, the tactical depth of a board game and all the flavor of a tabletop RPG.riselove

Strange Matter, the team behind this Kickstarter, have arranged the PCs into three character classes, Dreamers, Enforcers, and Scholars with their attendant bonuses and drawbacks ie Dreamers are fragile but have high Sanity. Anyone familiar with roleplaying in the Lovecraftian milieu over the past decade or so will feel comfortably at home with the mechanics of this game.


As Strange Matter themselves say for the story background:

The year is 1929. A dismal Cult is sprawling around the world. Blinded by their folly these madmen seek to awaken one of the Elders – an alien abomination buried deep below the sea.

You control a secret society whose sole purpose is to prevent the awakening. Send your Investigators to travel the world, study ancient texts and forbidden relics, find a way to contain this evil.

Do not linger, your time is running out!


The team behind Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu has an impressive track record behind them with top-tier studios Ubisoft, Rockstar and 2K Games dotting their credits. The names of games previously contributed to include Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, XCOM Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within. I would highly encourage you to stop by their Kickstarter to check out their in-depth mechanics, stretch goals and wealth of samplings they have on offer.


This post was by Acep Hale.

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