Video Interview with Michael Cisco! With panelists John Langan, Jeffrey Ford, Laird Barron, and Mike Davis.

⚡️ Listen to an utterly fascinating conversation with Michael Cisco about his new books PEST and WEIRD FICTION: A GENRE STUDY. And more!

⚡️ Listen at this link. (If you’re not a Patreon, you can still preview the first few minutes!)

⚡️ Available for Lovecraft eZine Patreons now, and for everyone else in two weeks. Hey, it’s only $5 a month, so why not support me and listen now? 🙂

😄 Thanks so much to Michael, Laird, John, and Jeff for joining me this episode. I appreciate you guys. And remember: It’s the Yak Life for us! 😄

⚡️ I support a lot of writers, artists, and other creatives in horror. This is the best way that you can help me to continue doing that. And look at it this way: Most of us aren’t going to miss five dollars a month, right? There are some who would, but many of us wouldn’t.

⚡️ Really not trying to sound like a salesman, but the financial support helps very much. Join other eZine Patreons — people like Paul Tremblay, Victor LaValle, Gemma Files, Laird Barron, Emma J. Gibbon, and many others.

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And here’s a here’s a list of some of my favorite Patreon Podcast episodes:

The KING IN YELLOW patreon podcast: with show notes! I would have paid $100 (if I had that kind of money) just to listen to Rick Lai, Pete Rawlik, and Matthew Carpenter share their King in Yellow knowledge. Not trying to be hyperbolic, but it was absolutely incredible listening to them. I know you’ll love this episode.

A Conversation with Kathe Koja, Jon Padgett, Emma J. Gibbon, Max Stanton, Inna Effress, and Matt Cardin! What an amazing chat with these six writers. They are all doing incredible, unique work. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Laird Barron shares some of his strange, chilling, but TRUE life experiences: (From the show notes) I was on the phone with Laird recently, just catching up. Somehow we got on the topic of strange but true life experiences that we’ve had. Things that have happened that are utterly chilling, yet true… and unexplainable. Sunshine was streaming through the window as we talked, but when he told me a couple of his stories, my blood ran cold. I suggested that we do a Patreon Podcast so that he could relate these experiences to YOU, the Patreons, and he agreed to do so.

DEEP BACKGROUND 5: Ramsey Campbell! A great conversation with arguably the most decorated horror writer of all time. My “Deep Background” interviews get real about who the (writer, in this case) really IS. Their history… their STORY.

A chat with John Langan about his life and work. Plus: John’s advice for writers! (The great Jeffrey Ford once wrote that this episode alone was worth the price of the Patreon.)

A NEW series for Patreons: Nadia Bulkin movie reviews! Welcome to a new series just for my Patreons — movie reviews by political scientist and author Nadia Bulkin. I love hearing or reading Nadia’s reviews, because she always seems to be right about movies!

Interview with Sam Hamm (BATMAN 89 screenwriter) and Joe Quinones (comic book artist): Ben, DaBronzo, and I had the pleasure of chatting with Sam Hamm and Joe Quinones! We talked about BATMAN 89, the new “Batman 89” comic series, advice from Sam for writers and creatives, and more.

A Discussion of GHOSTWATCH! Halloween night, 1992. A Saturday. That evening, a faux documentary aired on BBC1. Though it was clearly labeled as a drama, the style and people involved caused many to believe that everything that was happening was real. Writer Emma Gibbon is a Patreon, and she suggested this Patreon Podcast episode. I watched it again recently myself. It holds up and I really enjoyed it. BUT… hearing Emma describe the actual experience of being 16, babysitting several younger brothers and sisters as they all watched Ghostwatch, was truly amazing!

Thanks so much to all of you for the support.

Mike Davis

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