“LAKE MUNGO” discussion: Paul Tremblay, Nadia Bulkin, Mike Davis

“I feel like something bad is going to happen to me. I feel like something bad HAS happened. It hasn’t reached me yet… but it’s on its way.”

LAKE MUNGO is one of the most unsettling films I’ve ever seen. Paul Tremblay and Nadia Bulkin love it as well, and in this Patreon Podcast, we discuss the film.

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“A collection of strange and beautiful stories” – “An astonishingly original and entertaining collection”

“Elation, compulsion, exploration, love and exquisitely timed bullying, a lascivious oyster, a man called Eggplant, the dangers of smelling like honey pudding, the enticement of innocent toadlets, the unending day of deadness. The daughter of a part-time magician and a Las Vegas showgirl turns to science. Destiny points a young man to brassiere design. Suddenly orphaned siblings try to protect their most vulnerable. Fortunes craze in neighbourhoods living cheek-by-jowl. Unintendeds abound, as life cavorts in all its unclassifiable contrariness.”

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James Champagne Pens a Love Letter to Providence & Lovecraft with “Harlem Smoke”

HARLEM SMOKE is an ambitious novel. Within its covers one will find eldritch horrors, magical rituals gone horribly awry, serial killers, horrorcore rap, you name it, it’s in there… it is not only an engrossing read but also a manual of great art, literature, music and philosophy wrapped within entertaining covers.

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Eric Stener Carlson Delivers Gripping, Intelligent Horror with “Muladona”.

Carlson’s work grapples with larger themes of historical pressures without resorting to the easy relief of societal approved scapegoats and ready made bogeymen. Carlson’s use of separation, be it of time, subject matter, or genre expectations allows him to tread Huysmans’ second highway with ease while engrossing the reader in a compelling narrative.

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Avalon Brantley Carries the torch for American Decadence in “Descended Suns Resuscitate”

Avalon Brantley’s work is addictive because it is the combined result of a profound knowledge of humanity’s past, an exquisite prose style and a deep love for the act of storytelling. More than anything it is an all-consuming love of writing that lends its luminosity to DESCENDED SUNS RESUSCITATE.

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Swan River Press Craft an Object of Physical Beauty with “The Scarlet Soul: Stories for Dorian Gray”

THE SCARLET SOUL is a testament to the love and dedication Swan River Press put into their craft and they should be applauded for the physical allure alone. This is a book one can see becoming an heirloom object. My advice would be to snap up a copy of The Scarlet Soul while they are still available and keep an eye out for future releases by Swan River Press, while their price range is affordable their books are imminently collectible.

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