19 responses to “Lovecraftian Bestiary: Creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos & Our World

  1. Superlative work. I will print this brilliant work and posted directly on my wall and will journey back n forth into the hidden bestiary.


  2. Hey guys! I’m Mike Bukowski and while I LOVE this poster and do indeed have a Lovecraft bestiary blog (www.yog-blogsoth.blogspot.com) I did not make this poster.


  3. also thanks to others for posting the links and references to other bestiaries. I am always fascinated by attempts to render in full-on sustained visuals that which is only glimpsed in a non-Euclidean incursion and by those who have gone mad.


    • Thanks for the links… I used to have S. Peterson’s Field Guide! Love the art! I used to have a pull out from an RPG which was silhouette’s of different Mytho’s and their relative size to humans, I think the Gnole(?) made up the border of this two page pull out because it is like a worm (reminds me of Star Wars IV) and is, uh, ENORMOUS!


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