Thanks, Niels and company, for a great Lovecraftian convention!

Niels Hobbs and Joey Shea

Niels Hobbs and Joey Shea

I had a wonderful time at NecronomiCON — so much to do and see, so many old and new friends to talk to.  It was fun for me.

But for Niels Hobbs and all the volunteers who helped him, it was a ton of work.  I can’t even imagine the amount of planning that this took.  And I’m sure many times it must have seemed like a thankless job — but we appreciate it.

Thank you, Niels and company, for a great convention.

I requested a list of NecronomiCON volunteers.  Here is a list of people who helped make this convention a success:

Niels-Viggo Hobbs
Todd Chicoine
Anthony Teth
Carmen Marusich
Mitchell McArtor
Jay Gidwitz
Sam Gafford
Jason Eckhardt
John Sefel
Joey Shea
Lance Thingmaker
Brian Mullen
Thomas Broadbent
Frank Difficult
Josh Gravel
Carl Johnson
Brett Rutherford
Maureen DiMaggio
Bob Dosdourian
Jessica Saniuk
Rob Zannini
Scott LeFebvre
Donovan Loucks
Matthew Oliva
Jimmy James Caruso
Cheryl LeBeau
Shemaleiah Smylie
Mallory O’Meara
Gage Prentiss
John Richard
Christina Rodriguez
Erica Saladino
Tom Zannini

Jim Bennett, Providence Economic Development Council
Bert Crenca, AS220
Barnaby Evans, WaterFire
C. Morgan Grefe, Rhode Island Historical Society
Lynne McCormack, Providence Arts, Culture, and Tourism Council
Jess Powers, WaterFire

I hope that this is a complete list — but if not, please accept my apology, and let me know.  I appreciate everyone who helped make NecronomiCON the success it was.

And I’m already looking forward to the next one!

(Go here for NecronomiCON photos!)

3 responses to “Thanks, Niels and company, for a great Lovecraftian convention!

  1. I just want to second that thought. It was a truly amazing convention, and every single one of you deserves our deepest gratitude. From the organizers, to the minions, to the panelists, to the people who took pictures and videos for our friends who weren’t fortunate enough to attend, you guys were the best. If I can ever do anything, anything at all, to help you in the future, all you have to do is ask and I will be there.

  2. Thanks guys!!…On behalf of all of us so glad you enjoyed it, It went beyond anything we expected. See you in two years!!!

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