“Lovecraft eZine” issue 29 Table of Contents announcement

Here’s the lineup for the February 2014 issue (issue #29)!  Issue #29 will be available on February 13.

The Mouth of God, by Gary Myers.  I’m honored to present an original, never-before published story by Gary Myers, author of Dark Wisdom and House of the Worm.

The Time-Traveler’s Ex-Wife, by Pete Rawlik.  Whatever happened to Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee’s wife, Alice?  Find out in this little gem of a story.

Burning Stars, by K.G. Orphanides.  It was beautiful and achingly tragic, but Ghosts is more than just a dirge for the departed. Lake raked the bow across her violin strings as if trying to tear the instrument apart, for all the delicate accuracy of each pinpoint of a note, trembling against the pounding drums. When she raised her head to the microphone, Lake screamed, descending octaves that sounded out ever atom of despair in the universe…

The Eldritch Force, a “round-robin” story by Peter Rawlik, Glynn Owen Barrass, Brian M. Sammons, Bruce L. Priddy, Robert M. Price, Rick Lai, and David Conyers.  Pete Rawlik says, “When it comes to Lovecraftian Horror there is a strong history of round-robins, the most famous being The Challenge From Beyond by Lovecraft, Moore, Howard, Long and Merritt.  Others have appeared since including three Herbert West round robins (Though as I understand only two were ever published).  The idea for this round-robin came my love of comic books and the Cthulhu mythos.  I grew up reading the X-Men, and some of my favorite stories are those that dip into Lovecraftian territory including the N’Garai and the Brood.  Similarly, I’ve often considered the Celestials and even Galactus as evidence of a strand of anti-anthropcentricism running through comics.  So it comes as no surprise to me that one day I came up with an idea to write a Lovecraftian superhero story, and doing it as a round-robin was a bolt of inspiration.”

The Establishment of the Doctors Hamilton, by L.T. Patridge .  There was that night in 1846: it was spoken of, if at all, as the night that they – , and then the speaker would look at the listener, and the listener would nod, and the speaker would go on…

The Chamber, by Jonathan Richardson.  One day my hand will slip onto the handle and I’ll enter that room. I doubt I’ll return. As I age, as my memory slips and the redness of my face glows that bit brighter each day, I know I’m losing the fight…

The Groaner in the Glen, by Eric Steele.  Sometimes the locals would tell with bulging eyes tales of monsters, giants and serpents in the Northern mountains of Caledonia, but we scoffed at them. The Roman Empire had spread to all four corners of the world, and had witnessed nothing it could not conquer. Yes, some inhabitants were fierce. But in time, they would know Roman civilization. We were very good at civilizing people…

The Carrion Birds and the Drone, by Harry Baker. “There was a big chunk of stone with a book on it,” he said. “It was open. I went to take a look at it. The pages were made of some kind of metal, beaten really thin, and there was new leather binding around them, as though it had been re-done – maybe lots of times. I don’t know. There was writing cut into the metal – like Egyptian writing…”

Adrift in Black Seas, a Lovecraftian poem by Michael Matheson.

It’s going to be a great issue!

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