HPL Film Festival: “The Lovecraft Geek”, LIVE! Send your questions!

It’s almost time!

For the next five days, I’ll be posting about the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.  I hope to see many of you there… but if you can’t make it, I want this website to be the next best thing to being there.  I’ll be posting constant updates, pictures, and a video journal of the event!

Remember, it’s not just a film festival — it’s a convention as well.  There will be panels and other events — and best of all, the chance to talk with other Lovecraftians.  (View the schedule here.)

One of the cool things happening is a LIVE presentation of “The Lovecraft Geek”.  “The Lovecraft Geek” is a podcast by Robert M. Price that is hosted here at Lovecraft eZine, in which he answers your questions about all things Lovecraft.

This live presentation will be recorded, so if you have a question for Dr. Price, send it using the form at the end of this post.  I’ll make sure the question gets to him so that he can answer it during the live podcast.

In addition, by sending in your question you’ll be automatically entered into a random drawing to win a print edition of the “King in Yellow” issue of Lovecraft eZine!

If you want to stay in the Film Festival loop, here’s how to do it:

Our friend Joe Pulver is already in Portland, and my wife and I will be getting on a plane tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and we’ll be there in the afternoon.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out my short video from last year — W.H. Pugmire sings!

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