Tonight’s video show: Del Toro says he’s fine with a PG-13 rating for “Mountains of Madness”

On tonight’s “Lovecraft eZine Video Show”, we’ll be talking about the (hopefully) upcoming Mountains of Madness movie!  (EDIT: If you missed the live show, you can watch the recorded version here.)

Del Toro says he’s willing to make the film with a PG-13 rating. Is this good or bad? Tune in tonight at midnight Eastern time (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific) for our thoughts!

Watch the show here, tonight at midnight Eastern time (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific).

3 responses to “Tonight’s video show: Del Toro says he’s fine with a PG-13 rating for “Mountains of Madness”

  1. He plans to not leave much footage on the cutting room floor. He is going to film like there are no stipulations, and when the DVD releases (Or however people are going to watch films by that date, lol) it will be released as an “Unrated Director’s Cut”. He can do that you know? I am actually digging his television show The Strain which is really following the trilogy (written by Del Toro and Chuck Hogan) to the ‘T’, unlike The Walking Dead which deviates from the comic series and the novels. I think the TWD is genius in this concept as it solidifies a vast fan base over all media formats. But that wouldn’t work well with The Strain since it isn’t ‘open ended’ like TWD (A zombie movie that doesn’t end! GENIUS). The Strain tells not only the events leading up to a dystopian world ran by a vampire, but also takes those vampires to a whole new level. Bye bye Rice and Myers, often homoerotic, sissy vamps, welcome to the REAL WORLD…
    Wow, did I go way off tangent.


  2. I don’t see why it should matter. The story isn’t violent–violence that lands a Hard R only applies to violence done to humans anyway, and since almost all of the violence is directed between alien races warring with one another, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    As for humans being dissected, that might be pushing the rating, but the fact is, with proper editing it can be done with just as much efficiency and chilling effect even if we don’t see it. The scientists were dissected, after all, meaning clean and precise cuts. not visceral gore with limbs ripped off and fluids sprayed every which way.


  3. I think that someone with the talent and skill of Del Toro can easily make “At the Mountains of Madness” for television and still render the cosmic and visceral chills effectively. I don’t think that the MPAA rating will be an issue unless the final product is “too intense”.


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