Watch the fantastic Lovecraftian short film “Black Sugar” for free!

Black Sugar is now free to watch!  This is an incredible Lovecraftian short film, perhaps the best Lovecraftian short I’ve ever seen.

When a group of bored suburban teens experiment with a mysterious new drug, they are thrust into a nightmare world where hallucinations kill.

Watch the film below (be sure to expand to full screen), and when you’re done, please comment and let the filmmakers know what you think.

(Watch more small studio and fan-created Lovecraftian films here.)

49 responses to “Watch the fantastic Lovecraftian short film “Black Sugar” for free!

  1. Awesome short. The story felt very strongly like an investigation from the pen and paper Call of Cthulhu RPG, and the execution was spot on.

    The only (very minor) grip I had with it was that the breathing of the girl was noticeable on the last scene, and I couldn’t decide if it was an intentional sign she somehow lived, or an techincal oversight. Perhaps if it was the case she died, there could have been some physical sign of it, like the claw marks on the other boys arm?


  2. Awesome work. Some short films of this type call themselves “Lovecraftian” without truly justifying that classification. This one was truly Lovecraftian. I repeatr: AWESOME!


  3. I agree with the above comment that the characters (while well portrayed by the actors) were “placeholders”, stereotypical tropes of the horror film, but disagree with the idea of making them this or that to avoid this problem. Instead, flesh out your characters as three-dimensional TO YOURSELF, make them real and understand their motivations in your own minds, so that you can make them “genuine” for the viewers. You don’t have to explain any of this (or very little) to the audience, as long as you have a fully realized character in your mind when you are writing them. Give them life, and they will often take over their own actions, so to speak.

    That point aside… very well done; good production values, very good graphics and conceptualization; the cinematography is outstandingly good, particularly for such a short film; and even with what is said above, I do think the basic material deserves to be given a full development — a longer, more fully realized vision. Perhaps not a full feature length (I don’t know if the material would require something of that sort), but at least a development which gives it some room to breathe and take on more depth.

    As others, I am impressed, and wish you the best for your future projects….


  4. A wonderful short film. No tentacle porn, here. And the black wings world was well-conceived and realized. I await more from this very talented crew.


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