40 responses to “A short break due to illness

  1. Sorry to hear your illness has gotten the better of you. I hope you will be well soon. We can wait till you are hale and hearty again. You mean sooo much to all of us. Take your time and rest. We will be here for you.


  2. Take care of yourself. You do so much making this place work. We really appreciate it, but your health must come first.

    Thanks and best wishes,



  3. Very sorry to hear you’re feeling so badly. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Best wishes….


  4. Whooaahh..!!! Sorry to hear this.. Hey, Truly hope you feel better soon.., We’d be lost without you..!!! Ex Animo.. (..what awhendry said.. 😉 ..!! )


  5. I hope that you are feeling better soon. I, too, am having a relapse of my chronic ailment ( MS ), so I understand the need to lay low for a while.


  6. Mike: You are the heart and soul of the eZine. Flare-ups are so unpredictable, even above the daily chronic pains, and side-effects of the meds. Thank you for fighting the good fight on a continuing basis. Those of us in the greater eZine audience appreciate the 24/7 job you do. And so does Grand Pa Theobald, looking down from whatever eternal perch the whippoorwills took him, some 77 years ago. Take what time you need to get beyond the flare-up. See you back soon!


  7. We all love you…rest, feel better, and relax. You’ve done an admirable job with this site…no, beyond admirable: astonishing. You’re a big part of the H.P.L. community. And we understand you’re not feeling well. There is no reason to apologize. Feel better.



  8. Mike, you have absolutely no reason to apologise. I think that all of us here appreciate all the hard work that you put into the eZine and the huge contribution that you make to the Community Weird. The eZine has been a huge factor in promoting our bastard child of the literary world(thanks for the description Mr Pulver!) and so when you need a break we a) understand and b) welcome it as it means you will return revitalised and raring to go. So yah boo to apologies and we’ll see you on the weekend. 🙂

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  9. I’m sorry to hear that, Mike. I hope you feel better. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. 🙂


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