The Lovecraft eZine is now open to story submissions – and has new editors!

art by Mike Dominic

I’ve been asked repeatedly about this, so I’m happy to report that we are now once again open to story submissions! Click here for guidelines and payment details.

When I began The Lovecraft eZine almost five years ago, all I really wanted to do was to create a quality online magazine, and hopefully build a community. But since then, the eZine has become much more:

As you can imagine, all of this takes time (and pays very little). As the eZine has grown, it has become difficult for me to handle it all. I’ve had to learn that I can’t do everything, and that lesson was driven home this year — while the number of stories in each issue has increased, I’ve not been able to publish as many issues of the magazine this year. I’ve been busy working on the books, the talk show, the community, and so forth.

So I made a decision to seek help with the magazine side of this project, and I’m happy to report that Matthew Carpenter and Alex Kreitner are the new editors of The Lovecraft eZine! I’ll still oversee things as publisher, but they’ll run the magazine itself. And I know they’ll do a fantastic job.

Alex Kreitner has been assisting me for a year or so already, answering emails and much more. He’s working on the current issue of Lovecraft eZine (out soon). And he’s a hell of a nice guy. (He has to be — he puts up with me.)

Matthew Carpenter has been reviewing Lovecraftian books for many years, and his opinion is valued in the weird fiction community. He recently edited A Lonely and Curious Country: Tales from the Lands of Lovecraft, published by Ulthar Press, and is a regular on the Lovecraft eZine Talk Show.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support these past five years. Thank you for your friendship, for following the Facebook page, for your wonderful words of support, and for your financial support. Thanks to all of you who keep the eZine going by using the Amazon portal. Thanks for reading the magazine, watching the show, and buying the books.

More than anything, though, I appreciate all the friends I have made these past few years. I’m proud to know you all.

Full speed ahead!

Mike Davis

PS: Remember, click here here for magazine submission guidelines, payment details, etc.

PPS: Thanks to all of you who have asked about Autumn Cthulhu — I’m finalizing the Kickstarter, and it will be live very soon!

PPPS: Remember, the Kindle edition of Blood Will Have Its Season is only 99 cents this week! By Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., and published by Lovecraft eZine Press!

2 responses to “The Lovecraft eZine is now open to story submissions – and has new editors!

  1. Awesome news and looking forward to more eZine stories which got me started here originally. Will have a submission coming your way in a couple of weeks!


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