Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s what’s coming to “Lovecraft eZine”

Revealed at last: the "Autumn Cthulhu" cover!

Revealed at last: the “Autumn Cthulhu” cover! Click to enlarge.

Today some extended family and I will be driving to Iowa for the Thanksgiving holiday (I currently live in Texas). So I won’t be posting here for the rest of the week. I’m not sure if we will do a show this Sunday — we’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all of you in the US have a great holiday.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a few things that are coming up here at Lovecraft eZine. As you probably know, we’re not just a magazine any more — we’re also a small press. We’ve published several books already, and more are on the way.

If you’re concerned about the free magazine arm of Lovecraft eZine… don’t be. The next issue will be available in early December, with stories by Donald Tyson, John Langan, and others! While it’s true that we haven’t published as many issues of the magazine this year due to my focus on the books and the podcast, I’ve taken steps to correct that. Matthew Carpenter and Alex Kreitner are my new magazine editors, and I’m excited to have them on the team. They’ll keep the magazine arm of Lovecraft eZine alive and thriving, while I focus more on the books that are coming up.

So here’s what’s happening in that department:

  • The Autumn Cthulhu Kickstarter will be live next week, after the holiday! There are some great rewards for contributors: An Autumn Cthulhu coin featuring both covers, a limited edition Kickstarter-only cover edition, and one tier will even get your book signed by Laird Barron and John Langan! All that and more, coming your way next week! The book itself will be available in May or June. (For a list of contributors, go here.)
  • I love novellas, and I’ll be publishing more of them in 2016. If you have a novella you’d like to send my way, feel free. Send them to lovecraftezine@gmail.com, and put “Novella: name” in the subject. In other words, if the title of your novella was The Sea of Ash, you’d type “Novella: The Sea of Ash” (without quotes). I’m looking for weird fiction and cosmic horror. I’m not crazy about Lovecraftian pastiche, but I’ll take a look. If I publish pastiche, I have to feel that it is very good indeed. (There are many examples of great Lovecraftian pastiche — Pete Rawlik’s Reanimators comes to mind.) In the body of the email, please give me a synopsis of the story without spoilers, and tell me a bit about yourself (if I don’t know you).
  • I’ll be publishing a Stan Sargent omnibus, most likely in 2016. Stan’s The Taint of Lovecraft is considered a classic by many.
  • I’ll be publishing a collection of new and obscure Jeffrey Thomas stories.
  • I’ll be republishing Nightmare’s Disciple by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., and making it available for Kindle.
  • And yes, I’ll be publishing the sequel to The Sea of Ash by Scott Thomas, though that will likely not be until 2017.
  • And more!

So, there are a lot of exciting things happening at Lovecraft eZine. Thanks for being here. It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on the five year anniversary.

Have a great holiday, and save your pennies for the Autumn Cthulhu Kickstarter next week!

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