“Autumn Cthulhu” promo art, update, and table of contents!

The Autumn Cthulhu Kickstarter is coming soon is here! Here’s the link.

Save your pennies, because there will be some great rewards! One of those rewards will be this fabulous promotional artwork by Dave Felton:

By Dave Felton: http://bit.ly/1M2iibn

By Dave Felton: http://bit.ly/1M2iibn (click to enlarge)

The original scratchboard will be one of the rewards, and we’ll probably do several prints as well.

Dave Felton is an extremely talented artist, and I’m honored that he created this for Autumn Cthulhu. (Be sure to check out his website, The Cthulhu Commune!)

Autumn Cthulhu is an upcoming anthology published by Lovecraft eZine Press, featuring tales of cosmic horror with an autumnal setting. Here’s the table of contents:

Andy Kaufman Creeping Through the Trees, Laird Barron
There is a Bear in the Woods, Nadia Bulkin
Anchor, John Langan
The Stiles of Palemarsh, Richard Gavin
The Night is a Sea, Scott Thomas
In the Spaces Where You Once Lived, Damien Angelica Walters
Trick or the Other Thing, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Grave Goods, Gemma Files
After the Fall, Jeffrey Thomas
A Shadow Passing, Daniel Mills
Lavinia in Autumn, Ann K. Schwader
Memories of the Fall, Pete Rawlik
The Smoke Lodge, Michael Griffin
The End of the Season, Trent Kollodge
The Black Azalea, Wendy Wagner
Cul-De-Sac Virus, Evan Dicken

Cover art coming soon! Stay tuned for further updates.

5 responses to ““Autumn Cthulhu” promo art, update, and table of contents!

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  2. Strange Lovecraft had shown me, through his own art, that the Cthulhu spawn had six-eyes set in two triangles of three. Only the opening credits for “Rick & Morty” have done so. Though the spawn of their empire long gone could have many different morphologies that differ from the prime shape as form follows function. Think of a bee or wasp hive. Now project it to a super intellect species, utterly alien, and infinitely adaptable. Knowing the basis of all things and can also manipulate stars and even planets. That is how I look at Cthulhu. A Hive Master here on our world. Not truly dormant, not truly quiescent.

    Nice scratch drawing though. I haven’t read any of the more recent crop of authors, to my detriment. I hope to catch up in some areas of it.


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