Laird Barron shares some of his strange, chilling, but TRUE life experiences

I was on the phone with Laird recently, just catching up. Somehow we got on the topic of strange but true life experiences that we’ve had. Things that have happened that are utterly chilling, yet true… and unexplainable.

Sunshine was streaming through the window as we talked, but when he told me a couple of his stories, my blood ran cold. I suggested that we do a Patreon Podcast so that he could relate these experiences to YOU, the Patreons, and he agreed to do so!

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New Laird Barron book: “X’s For Eyes” – alien gods, bloodthirsty cults, and a supervillain!

The space flight research division of Sword Enterprises “accidentally” sent a probe through a wormhole into outer darkness and contacted an alien god. Now a bloodthirsty cult and an equally vicious rival firm suspect the Tooms boys know something and will spare no expense, nor innocent life, to get their claws on them.

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