I’m live tonight on WEMF Radio; giveaways for listeners!


(EDIT: There will be an archived version of the show on their website sometime Tuesday or Wednesday, so there are still chances to win swag.  Check back here, I’ll keep you guys posted.)

Happy Monday!  I’ll be a guest tonight on Geek Beat Radio (radio station WEMF in Boston).  The show begins at 10:00pm Eastern time (9pm Central, 7pm Pacific).

You can listen at Geek Beat Radio, or WEMF.  We’ll be talking all things Lovecraft, of course.

We’re giving away prizes to random LIVE listeners!  We’ll be giving away two print copies of The Sea of Ash, two Kindle copies of The Sea of Ash, and ten Kindle or Nook editions of a Lovecraft eZine megapack (your choice).  AND, a Cthulhu coin.  So, 15 winners in all!

Thanks to Geek Beat Radio for having me on — it should be fun.

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