Did you miss yesterday’s LIVE show? Watch it here! “The Void” movie, NecronomiCon, and more

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Happy Monday!  If you missed yesterday’s live show, no worries: watch it below.  I’m extending the usual random drawing for viewers through Wednesday; in other words, if you watch the show you’ll have a chance to win Lovecraftian books or a Lovecraftian coin.

And I had a bit of internet trouble yesterday, so the live feed went dead after an hour and 13 minutes.  But I quickly got a new video going, and they are both below (don’t mind the sudden ending, the internet went down again but by that time we were through).

Anyway, thank you for putting up with the technical problems!  But we had a great show.  We talked with the co-producer of THE VOID (a Lovecraftian film), we talked about the upcoming NecronomiCon panels, and much more.  Fun was had by all.

Watch LIVE every Sunday at 6:00pm Eastern!  Click here to be emailed about upcoming Video Shows (unsubscribe any time).  You can also subscribe to The Lovecraft eZine Youtube channel.

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