Taking submissions for upcoming Lovecraft eZine THEMED Issues!

As per usual, writers can submit a Lovecraftian story to me any time (see the submissions page), but in addition, I want to do some themed issues this year, and I’m putting the call out early.  Here is a tentative list of what kind of stories I’d like to publish this year– all stories must fit in the general theme of this magazine (again, see the submissions page for more information):

  • Halloween themes for the October issue.
  • Christmas themes for the December issue.
  • Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes stories for an issue sometime this year.
  • Deep Ones/Dagon/Innsmouth stories for an issue sometime this year.

Also, I have a “wish list” of sorts for submissions I’d like to see from time to time, if you need more story ideas.  Stories about or set in:

  • Autumn, rain, etc.
  • Winter, blizzards, etc.
  • An all night laundry.
  • An apartment building and/or apartment complex (are there strange goings-on behind your neighbor’s door?, etc…)
  • An all-night trucker or a driving across America theme
  • Stories about lonely people, broken people, etc.

Just throwing a few ideas out there, but three definite things I want to do this year is a Halloween issue, a Christmas issue, and a Sherlock Holmes issue.  Please feel free to comment below if you have questions!  Remember to see the general guidelines, also.

Mike Davis

A.J. French

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