The 99 cent books of Jeffrey Thomas: A gold mine of Lovecraftian and Weird fiction!

MonstrocityAuthor Jeffrey Thomas is probably best known for his Punktown stories, but he’s written a number of other weird fiction and Lovecraftian books.  Jeff has priced several of his collections at only 99 cents (Kindle editions).  It’s a very inexpensive way to read one of the best weird fiction writers working today.  In fact, it’s a gold mine of Lovecraftian and Weird fiction.

(And remember: Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read Kindle books if you have a smartphone; you can even read them on your computer.  The Kindle software is free and it’s available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.  And these books are available in print, if you prefer.)

Here’s that list (click the book title for more information, or to purchase):

Unholy Dimensions: “Unholy Dimensions: Lovecraftian Tales” collects 27 eerie short stories inspired by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, but told through the unique imagination of Jeffrey Thomas.

Subject 11: Welcome to the Subject 11 project. We are currently seeking 10 individuals to participate in a research study. Participants shall receive a sum to be discussed during initial telephone interview. Interested parties should email us via our contact page,, providing their telephone number and a brief biography of approximately 100 words, describing themselves in terms of gender, age, race, and occupation if any. The study will take place in a series of abandoned buildings rented for this purpose. Note: subjects involved in this test may find themselves experiencing certain psychological distortions. They may experience lapses in memory regarding others and themselves. Subjects may even forget how long this test is supposed to go on for. And please disregard any additional people you may feel you’ve sighted in the complex, beyond those in the test group. We thank you for your interest in our research.

Beyond the Door: Two strangers meet in a train station and begin swapping stories — stories that eerily interweave and grow more and more disturbing and bizarre. The headless undead…a gruesome flea circus…flesh-eating insects…a menacing house that won’t stay put. These are just some of the tales that will reveal as much about the teller as they do the mysteries behind that frayed curtain we call reality.  BEYOND THE DOOR is a story about how we connect with one another through storytelling, and tantalize ourselves with the unknown.

MonstrocityThere are haunted places. Haunted houses. The metropolis of Punktown, on the planet Oasis, is a haunted city.  An unassuming young man perceives the city’s dark tentacles in the lay of the streets, its roots in the labyrinth of subways, a polluted taint in the eyes of people around him. And this evil is building toward an apocalyptic culmination… The city is not only haunted… maybe it’s alive… A finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, MONSTROCITY combines elements of science fiction and horror in the vein of H. P. Lovecraft, and is set in the milieu of Jeffrey Thomas’s acclaimed collection, PUNKTOWN.

BonelandIn 1893, the Guests attempt their first contact with the human race. Families go mad. Parents commit suicide. A president is assassinated.  By 1918, in the bleak boneland of the 20th Century, human assassins commit atrocities and global wars are waged to sate the appetites of the Guests. John Board is a crime scene photographer, whose nightmarish images of human destruction are used as titillating entertainment. Board’s future is tied in with these unseen, unfathomable forces — and so is his past. America is drowning in a sea of blood as flashbulbs click and movie cameras roll. The Guests are here to stay.  BONELAND is a tale of a not-so-alternate history…a story of horror, science fiction, and the surreal by Jeffrey Thomas, acclaimed author of PUNKTOWN and LETTERS FROM HADES.

Thirteen Specimens: A collection of bizarre and disturbing short stories, poems, and odd bits and pieces found preserved in dusty jars of formaldehyde in a sealed-off attic room in the condemned museum of the mind of author Jeffrey Thomas.  Included are the novellas “The Mask Play of Hahoe Byeolsin Exorcism” and “Door 7,” as well as a trio of powerful stories that — for the first time in one collection — visit the three fictional universes that Thomas is best known for. “Close Enough” takes place in the alternate Earth of the novel “Boneland.” A sadistic, otherworldly force feeds off the nightmarish images of the Vietnam War, as captured by a conscience-stricken photojournalist. “Monsters” is set in the futuristic metropolis of Punktown. A compassionate surgeon is determined to restore a grotesque alien female, purposely disfigured by the males of her clan, even if he himself incurs their wrath in the process. And “The Burning House” takes readers to the netherworld of “Letters From Hades.” Two men — one of them an angel, the other damned — join forces in an attempt to rescue the child they both love from an army of torturing demons.

Halloween Masks: A Trio of Tales: In THE YELLOW HOUSE, we visit that house the kids are always afraid to go trick-or-treating at — in this case with good reason. In POST #153, the dead of several wars descend on a VFW post on a stormy Halloween. In OCTOBER 32nd, Halloween night just doesn’t seem to want to end. Three horror stories perfect for Halloween — or any occasion. After all, candy is good any time of year, isn’t it?

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